More like, what was…

Earlier this year. I went through many lists of what should be in my hospital bag. Some websites will show you extensive lists which will seem quite ridiculous, but to be frank it might not be. Your list will depend on how difficult it is to get to the hospital from your home. Also, if your hospital is in a busy area with lots of stores or if its isolated. Will there be a few people travelling from home to hospital and back? If so your list doesn’t have to be a long one. But if not, don’t panic! Either way better to be more prepared right?

My hospital was 20-25 minutes away from home but ofcourse (knowing the ocd girl that I am) I made sure I packed enough that nobody would need to travel. Heres what was in my hospital bag!

I posted some images of what I had in my bag so it will be easier for some of you to understand (I made a list below the pictures.) ALSO! I will let you know at the end what I ended up not using. 🙂

PS: If you’re doing this last minute, don’t worry, chances are your hospital will provide you with a lot of the things for free (eg: baby diapers, rash cream, nursing pads, nipple cream, pads) and also if you need extra you can buy them in bundle for cheap from them. 🙂

1) Wallet; 2) Breastfeeding booklet/Health information booklet/ Phone numbers 3) Glasses 4) Pen 5) Cellphone (for picture taking as well) 6) Phone charger 7) Snack bars/ You can take banana or yogurt


PERSONAL ITEMS: 1) Extra clothes – comfy and I can wear when returning home, 2) Lingerie – Nursing bras and undies, 3) Nursing pads 4) Towel 5) Always maxi pads 6) Non-skid socks/ Slippers


BABY ITEMS PT ONE: 1) Two onsies 2) Two pairs of pants, 3) Sleeper/s, 4) Mittens, 5) Socks, 6) Cap, 7) Newborn Diapers – I took eight – hospital will provide you with some anyway


BABY ITEMS PT TWO: 1) Baby blanket for when coming home 2) One swaddle blanket – hospital will provide more anyway


TOILETRIES + EXTRAS: 1) Olive oil – My preference, you can take lotion, 2) Headband and clip – Hair-tie etc. 3) Pocket mirror 4) Nail clipper, 5) Facecream and Lipbalm, 6) Bio Oil for strecth marks – if you use it, 7) Tissue, 8) Toothpaste and tooth brush, 9) Shampoo and Body soap, 10) Make-up – I took my go-to stuff

Things I didn’t end up using:

i) The breastfeeding booklet/ health info. – Your hospital and nurses will end up helping you regarding these.

ii) Bio-oil – Thats just me, I was too frustrated with other things to use it.

Things I needed to bring in:

Extra baby clothes since my baby had to stay in the nursery for a week 😐 She was healthy when we got to bring her home so thats all that mattered. 🙂

Wish you all the best!  🙂 <3