Trying a practical/minimalist idea for living room

[Warning: I ramble a lot so if you wish to read about living room set up, please skip first two paras.] ūüėÄ
Omg!!! we got our first house Alhamdulillah! (I feel like I should create a separate post about it…hmm…maybe later.) But for now, here’s a little bit about my plan for¬†our living room.

It‚Äôs been really difficult for¬†us to set up our place and it‚Äôs a lot to do with¬†us¬†not getting enough time. I mean, in between working +¬†parenting + tidying¬†+ cleaning, where is there time really? I took a week leave once, only to finish painting my daughter’s room and setting up some of our furniture. There are still things left in their boxes which have not been opened yet. And it‚Äôs been a while, oh! Did I also mention that I’m an over-thinker (don’t think Batman¬†is¬†an over-thinker though ugh, oh well all good I got married to someone who helps me with that) *DISTRACTED AGAIN*. Basically, since I’m kind of a perfectionist (a¬†better¬†word to use :3) I tend to think a¬†bit¬†before buying new stuff or setting things up. Anywayss…¬†

So, I decided that for our living room we would use whatever area was necessary for our TV, a bookcase and sitting and leave the rest kinda empty for Batbaby (little one). I wanted to do something more practical and I couldn’t think of a better use than this. My mom did disagree and many people would I suppose (as¬†that area¬†could have been used as a formal dining or extra seating for guests.) Don’t get me wrong, I have a huge family and I love having people over. But¬†I can always get extra chairs when people arrive, I don’t have to have it there all the time. Empty space = Multi-functional my friends multi-functional!

Our¬†living room is where we will spend a lot of time in, so I wanted to make sure it functioned well for us. For example: If we’re watching Downton Abbey,¬†Batbaby¬†can¬†play in the same room and interact with us whenever she wants to. Of course, she could do that without the extra space BUT creating that extra space¬†allows her some¬†area¬†to herself where she is not totally bombarded by the TV.¬† Or, if¬†one of us is¬†cooking in the kitchen, the other and Batbaby¬†are able to¬†build a train track in the empty¬†area. I don’t know how else to explain it. ūüôā Multi-functional? lol.¬†I guess I am also trying to¬†take¬†a¬†minimalistic approach; where I only keep things that will be functional for us. That way, I spend less time on random things and more time with the people I love.¬†

So there ya have it. So far? It’s been really great. I limit her toys downstairs so it‚Äôs pretty alright. (Toy organization blog post will be another one.)

But until then, wishing you a great time with your loved ones. 

*cape wave*

Picture of a living room with a bookshelf and sitting area against the wall. Sunlight is passing through the windows and hitting the floor scattered with some Lego blocks.

Here is a snippet of a day where the “empty space”¬†is at works.