Five eco-friendly brands you should follow :)

HEY EVERYONE!! It’s been a while but without further ado, here are five environmentally friendly brands, that I would highly suggest for you to check out. And nope, I was not sponsored by any of them. Just amazed by all these fantastic, smart, innovative brands.



TenTree is an apparel brand that makes products from environmentally progressive fabrics such as hemp, TENCEL™ Lyocell, recycled polyester or cork. And they don’t just stop there, for every apparel they sell, they plant ten trees!
Tentree came as an idea when two friends Kalen Emsley and David Luba went on a trip to Hawaii and was inspired by the beauty of nature, and figured, why not create something to give back to it? Realizing that people loved buying from companies that were socially responsible, they decided to combine Kalen’s tree-planting knowledge with apparel to create an environmentally friendly brand. Thus, in 2012 with Kalen’s brother Derrick, they founded Tentree in Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada). [More in ] Their aim is to plant 1 billion trees by 2030. So glad that a company like this exists.
From the company’s “our mission” page: “At tentree, our goal is to become the most environmentally progressive brand on the planet. We don’t want to just reduce the negative impact of the apparel industry, we want to use it as a vehicle for change. Our purpose is to revitalize our environment and inspire a generation to believe that they can do the same.”
Mind freaking blown? I think so. Just so so amazing!



BeyaMade is a baby clothing shop founded in 2017 by Laurel Thompson, who used to be a fast fashion designer until her daughter, Beya, was born. After giving birth to her daughter, Laurel realized that she wanted a change in children’s fashion where clothing is not designed to be disposable.
Based in Atlanta, Georgia, BeyaMade uses old school techniques to create beautifully handcrafted clothes that you can adjust as your child grows! Which means you can buy less and waste less.
My favourite part about them is the way they source their fabrics. They get their materials from other American manufacturers who made more than what they needed. Basically, turning excess fabric – that would have otherwise ended up in landfill – to heirloom quality garments for your family to cherish for generations to come. Isn’t it beautiful!
From the company’s mission page: “You don’t need a new wardrobe for each child, you just need one really good one that LASTS.”
Did I mention their outfits are also made from durable, comfortable, stain resisting material? So thoughtfully made!



This brilliant brand called Rothy’s is a San-Francisco based shoe company that makes shoes from recycled plastic and post-consumer recycled materials. It was founded in 2012 by Roth Martin and Stephen P. Hawthornthwaite who both wanted to create fashionable yet relaxed shoes using an environmentally friendly process.
Their products are created sustainably in a factory in China, owned and operated by the company themselves. I mean, they make shoes that are stylish, easy to walk on and washable, ALL while being kind to the environment. I am so glad that something like this is finally here.
From the company’s about page: “We believe beautiful, sustainable style is the way of the future.” Yep. We think so too Rothy’s, we think so too.
Psst…did you know? The Duchess of Sussex was seen wearing a pair too. Just sayin 😉

Faire Child


This innovative company, called Faire Child, makes beautiful handcrafted waterproof outerwear, from recycled plastic, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. It was founded by designer Tabitha Osler, who wanted parents and children to be able to explore and have fun in nature, all while being kind to earth. I’ve always wondered how cool it would be to make waterproof jackets from recycled plastic, and voilà! Here they are!
Not only do they use a sustainable source (recycled plastic bottles) to make their products, once you are done with their products you can recycle it back again. And did I mention how obsessed I am of how they look? Inspired from vintage hunting jackets and workwear from the 1920’s and 1950’s, their products are beautiful, functional and maintains a quality that is build to last. Just check them out on their site – modern method with traditional design – so clever and so well done!!
From the company’s ‘our story’ page: “Waste is a Resource. By reusing materials [we] can lessen our dependency on raw materials and leave natural resources for future generations.”
By the way, their children’s outerwear can be adjusted to grow with the child. Again longer lasting children’s products mean you are spending less money and resources. #nailedit



This fun brand called Re-Play Recycled makes cute yet durable tableware from recycled plastic milk jugs. Re-Play, founded in 2011, is part of Re-Think It, Inc. which was founded by Craig and Amy Shumway in 1987. This husband and wife team wanted to create tableware that was eco-friendly yet economical. Their products are made in the USA and comes in the most fun colours. Their simple, modern designs are made to be convenient and easy to use.
Apart from plates and cutleries, their children’s collection also provides themed products like princess themed sippy cups and small utensils.
Children’s products are used and lost so much, so its great to know that there is a brand out there who is creating products from an eco-friendly source instead of new plastic. Their products not only meed the FDA and EU requirements, the quality is made to last. And of course, if you want you can recycle them back!
From their ‘about us’ page: RePlay Recycled remains a “family owned and family-focused company dedicated to providing sustainable and affordable products, while following responsible environmental and social business practices.”
Re-Play products are dishwasher and microwave safe. Recycled plastic ware for kids that are easy to clean? Yes please!

🙂 So there ya have it. Maybe next time you want to buy something, you can choose one of these brands. That way you not only get an amazing quality product, but you’re doing something good for Earth too!

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We made an upcycled laptop and Batbaby girl loves it!

Just sharing my experience will you all, in case it helps.
Early this year Batbaby girl (Bbg) randomly wanted to get a laptop. She saw ours and said ‘maybe’ she could get one for herself too. Of course the first thing that popped in my head was the toy laptop my dad got me as a kid. But honestly, those days, we didn’t do much screen time. Anyways, so we upcycled a cardboard instead. We used marker to draw out the permanent buttons and used chalk to draw whatever was inside the “screen”, so she could wipe and re-draw whatever, whenever she wanted to.

So, why didn’t I just buy her a toy laptop?

  • I really didn’t want to add another screen in her life. We all know by now, how too much screen time can be bad for a child’s brain. I’m not gonna annoy you and yap about that (simple google search will do). But I also know that at this day and age, it is very hard to keep them away from it. So I try my best to do without screen time whenever I can.
  • This laptop encourages imagination. And that is good for her brain! Plus, I remember as a kid, how much I absolutely loved to pretend play. I’m sure you’ll know what I’m talking about.
  • This laptop will be less distracting and help her gain problem solving skills. Since it doesn’t come with extra effects or sounds, it’ll help her interact with it better by figuring out things in her own way. (For eg: If she wants to pretend she’s watching something, she will draw a still from a cartoon show she likes. Or, if she wants to pretend she is typing, she will erase the chalk and write her ABC’s. It may sound sad to some people but honestly she has been having so much fun with it! It turned out all she wanted to do was pretend play. She didn’t even actually need to watch a show.)
    – It is more eco friendly. I saved this cardboard from a furniture box and up- cycled it. When she’s tired of it, she can easily recycle it. Also, it won’t turn out to be just another plastic junk if it somehow ends up breaking.
    Check out the laptop on the photos below!
A small part of a book shelf can be seen on the right side of the photograph. The bool shelf is holding five books on one shelf, a globe on another and a Harry Potter wizard's collection box on the bottom shelf. The photograph's is focused on a cardboard laptop which is shown to be placed on a blue-grey round table. Along with that are couple of chalks on the side of the laptop and a blue duplo block.
A little girl is seen to be typing away on her toy cardboard laptop. Meanwhile the show "Earth to Luna" is drawn on the "screen" of this laptop.The laptop is placed on top of a colouring sheet and there are two chalks and a duplo block.
The cardboard laptop is placed on the circle blue-grey table top. Along with the laptop is a duplo block and a couple of chalks.

Psst: So far, we’ve “watched” Earth to Luna, Angry Bird and Yoohoo to the recue on her laptop! And today as we were “watching”, she said ‘Ok mamma, thats enough watching. Now its time for me to work, okay?’ -*pretends to type on laptop*

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Trying a practical/minimalist idea for living room

[Warning: I ramble a lot so if you wish to read about living room set up, please skip first two paras.] 😀
Omg!!! we got our first house Alhamdulillah! (I feel like I should create a separate post about it…hmm…maybe later.) But for now, here’s a little bit about my plan for our living room.

It’s been really difficult for us to set up our place and it’s a lot to do with us not getting enough time. I mean, in between working + parenting + tidying + cleaning, where is there time really? I took a week leave once, only to finish painting my daughter’s room and setting up some of our furniture. There are still things left in their boxes which have not been opened yet. And it’s been a while, oh! Did I also mention that I’m an over-thinker (don’t think Batman is an over-thinker though ugh, oh well all good I got married to someone who helps me with that) *DISTRACTED AGAIN*. Basically, since I’m kind of a perfectionist (a better word to use :3) I tend to think a bit before buying new stuff or setting things up. Anywayss… 

So, I decided that for our living room we would use whatever area was necessary for our TV, a bookcase and sitting and leave the rest kinda empty for Batbaby (little one). I wanted to do something more practical and I couldn’t think of a better use than this. My mom did disagree and many people would I suppose (as that area could have been used as a formal dining or extra seating for guests.) Don’t get me wrong, I have a huge family and I love having people over. But I can always get extra chairs when people arrive, I don’t have to have it there all the time. Empty space = Multi-functional my friends multi-functional!

Our living room is where we will spend a lot of time in, so I wanted to make sure it functioned well for us. For example: If we’re watching Downton Abbey, Batbaby can play in the same room and interact with us whenever she wants to. Of course, she could do that without the extra space BUT creating that extra space allows her some area to herself where she is not totally bombarded by the TV.  Or, if one of us is cooking in the kitchen, the other and Batbaby are able to build a train track in the empty area. I don’t know how else to explain it. 🙂 Multi-functional? lol. I guess I am also trying to take a minimalistic approach; where I only keep things that will be functional for us. That way, I spend less time on random things and more time with the people I love. 

So there ya have it. So far? It’s been really great. I limit her toys downstairs so it’s pretty alright. (Toy organization blog post will be another one.)

But until then, wishing you a great time with your loved ones. 

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Picture of a living room with a bookshelf and sitting area against the wall. Sunlight is passing through the windows and hitting the floor scattered with some Lego blocks.

Here is a snippet of a day where the “empty space” is at works.