Meet Batmom

WELCOME! *waves cape*

I’m not good with intros…chances are I’ll talk too much so here it is in short (hoping its short). I started this site to share the things I’ve learned while raising a baby.

There were so many times when I went ‘damn I wish I knew this before’ and so many times when I researched about something in the most obsessive ways possible! So I thought, why not create a site where I share these information with others? So maybe they find it useful too!

So here it is.

Why Batmom? Batman is one of my favourites <3 and well…one night, as I was soothing my baby I realized I could totally relate myself to him! You know…I “[trained myself] both physically and intellectually and [crafted] a bat-inspired persona to fight crime” cough take care of a baby! (

Totally what new moms do right? And pretty much all moms. So here it is. Hope you find it useful, if not a bit entertaining XD


(I spoke too much :S)