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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this! You are awesome! HIGH FIVE. This is Part 1 of my series of Sleep Training the Night Owl blog posts. Starting with the basics (that I found on the internet but summarized for you.)


Doctors usually recommend sleep training babies from 4-6 months, because that is usually the time when babies start to sleep longer and require less feedings during the night. BUT! Some babies may be ready at an older age, so if you are unsure it is best to ask your pediatrician/ doctor.



  1. Have a talk with your doctor. Sometimes babies will go through wake ups at night due to illness or a growth spurt, for e.g. teething or learning to crawl (my little one did that.) But it can also be due to something serious, for e.g. sleep apnea or reflux. So if you think it might be a medical condition, its best to talk to your doctor to rule it out before you start sleep training.


  1. Be consistent. Develop a schedule for nap time and bed time. The obvious I guess – its so your little one gets used to it and learns that “hey its time to sleep!” Makes them feel more relaxed. You can use bedtime routines to help as well, for e.g.: warm bath, story-time, lullaby then to sleep.


  1. Have a few weeks of usual-ness. Don’t plan to sleep train if you’re going through something that will alter your schedule greatly. For example: moving to a new house, going on a vacation, guests coming to stay over or birth of a new baby. The idea is ‘not to have disruptions to the normal flow of life at home’ – Emily DeJeu, Because being consistent will help you in any sleep training process.

  1. Choose a sleep training method and try it! There are several kinds of sleep training methods such as cry-it out, fading and no-tears àlinks on these below. Choose one that you are comfortable in. However, take note, one method of sleep training that might work on your friend’s baby, might not work for yours. Or one method that worked for your first child might not work for the second. Babies are different, I’ve got only one so far but really, you will understand in time how even in these small bodies…they’ve got so many different characters.Check out the different kinds of methods in detail on :
    i) No-tears:
    ii) Fading:
    iii) Cry-it-out:
    OR try the one that worked for me featured on part 2.

What worked for you? 😀

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Bibliography (can’t escape this ;D )

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Tale of a ‘didn’t get much done’ day

Today I don’t have much to say. I guess the picture describes it all. OK as this is literally my first actual post in the site, its a little nerve wrecking. But! I shall open up to you guys as promised.

I thought I figured it all out you know, been more than half a year with my baby, I got this! Well…not really. Days have been passing by with me getting nothing much done. OK maybe I’m being a little hard on myself, I did get some stuff done AND I managed to have a meet up with a couple of my friends WITH the baby 😀 aa? good eh! But then I hardly got to help out my mom or clean up my room, get rid of clothes I don’t need or clear out the shelves in my closet. Ugh. just look at that dressing table -_-

I guess you can’t have everything done quickly when you have a baby. The process is slow and I guess I just have to be patient. Trick is…well there are many but for now, to embrace and enjoy the time with the little one and I DO! But now and then my brains like ‘soo…you should get rest of the work done right?’

Truth is I believe your life doesn’t stop when you have a baby. Shes just a fun little addition to my life… yes, more work but more fun too! And she is always part of my important list 😀

But I think you know what I mean, it can get little frustrating sometimes when you just wanna get something done. I’ll soon share with you what I do usually to help me get stuff done, it works for me! (unless of course its one of these days)