Tale of a ‘didn’t get much done’ day

Today I don’t have much to say. I guess the picture describes it all. OK as this is literally my first actual post in the site, its a little nerve wrecking. But! I shall open up to you guys as promised.

I thought I figured it all out you know, been more than half a year with my baby, I got this! Well…not really. Days have been passing by with me getting nothing much done. OK maybe I’m being a little hard on myself, I did get some stuff done AND I managed to have a meet up with a couple of my friends WITH the baby 😀 aa? good eh! But then I hardly got to help out my mom or clean up my room, get rid of clothes I don’t need or clear out the shelves in my closet. Ugh. just look at that dressing table -_-

I guess you can’t have everything done quickly when you have a baby. The process is slow and I guess I just have to be patient. Trick is…well there are many but for now, to embrace and enjoy the time with the little one and I DO! But now and then my brains like ‘soo…you should get rest of the work done right?’

Truth is I believe your life doesn’t stop when you have a baby. Shes just a fun little addition to my life… yes, more work but more fun too! And she is always part of my important list 😀

But I think you know what I mean, it can get little frustrating sometimes when you just wanna get something done. I’ll soon share with you what I do usually to help me get stuff done, it works for me! (unless of course its one of these days)


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